Sunday, 13 July 2014

Señora Con Clase

First things first, let it be known that I am writing this in a fit of rage as seconds after I finished typing this post blogger decided to have bitch fit and delete half of what I had just spent the last hour of my life writing, so THANK YOU BLOGGER! ‘Hmph’ *deep exhale*

This post will now consist from this point on of me trying to remember what I wrote while frowning uncontrollably at the screen…

I’ve decided to try something new, generally I like to insert my text in bite size pieces between photos so to kind of force feed you my innermost thoughts, you know, kind of like a mother trying to get her toddler to eat some bizarrely flavoured pot of blended mush by making engine noises and saying “here comes the aeroplane!” (I’ve just been food shopping and seen broccoli, pea and apple flavour baby food, I mean seriously WTH? NO amount of embarrassing parent role-play would get ME to eat THAT!)

I just thought it would be more appealing than a big block of text, that would more often than not just consist of me ranting and raving about how excited I am about my new buys; for a clear example of how over excited I can get see my previous blog post ‘ Be a Little more Rebellious’.
(…OR of course how much I HATE blogger sometimes when it DELETES EVERYTHING!!!)

However, I feel like my blog would be a lot more visually appealing if the photos ran more fluidly and I had the text at the yeah, I guess you can say this post is a bit of an experiment, you guys better not  get lazy and just stop reading my posts and start only scrolling through the photos! (Wow, there are way too many childhood references in this so far, I think I had better stop now...)

Right, so with all the weird metaphors out of the way, (well for the most part lets hope) on to the clothes. In case you thought I go for lunch looking like this everyday, well, I'm sorry to disappoint but I'm generally not this ladylike! (Chuck Taylors are my dress down uniform most days). I'm also sorry for my overuse of brackets, I just keep having too many pointless side thoughts that I feel I need to include today.

I wore this getup to a 'business meeting' and that's all I'm prepared to say on that front, I don't want to jinx myself! If anything comes of it I'll make sure you're all the first to know, don't you worry!

Side panel dresses and even trousers in the form of tuxedo pants, have been a 'thing' for ages now and I don't think they'll cease being a 'thing' for a while to come. I mean, they're quite literally a woman's dream, anything that makes you look slimmer and more shapely than you really are HAS to be good doesn't it!? The trend... sorry, 'magical illusion' has been re-invented this Pre-Fall by the likes of Dior no less. I paired my nude, black panel body-con dress with my favourite black crossbar heels from Zara and obviously NO outfit would be complete without my beloved Cambridge Satchel and Ray-Ban Erika's. What I really love about this dress is the cool leather inserts on the shoulders that give the otherwise minimalistic dress a bit of an edge.

As for accessories, I wanted to keep it  simple and sophisticated and so wore my Swarovski pendant and borrowed my mum's beautiful ring that I felt complimented my necklace well. Make-up wise I didn't go too overboard, then again I rarely do...I wore Clinique Blemish Control foundation, Mac Studio Finish concealer, a variation of eyeshadows (most of which were Mac), Rimmel Extra Super Lash mascara in brown\black and a Rimmel lippy that's so old I can't even make out what shade it is!

Anyway, I've actually rather exhausted myself writing this, I'm absolutely bloody barmy aren't I!? I seriously think the freedom from Law school has made me that little bit more potty! For more of my perpetual weirdness check back soon!

(Oh, did you enjoy the big wall of text or would you prefer I reverted back to playing a game of 'here comes the aeroplane'? - Let me know!)

Dress- George at Asda (yes, really)
Shoes- Zara
Bag - Cambridge Satchel Company
Necklace - Swarovski
Ring- borrowed from my mum
Sunglasses - Ray Ban Erikas


Friday, 11 July 2014

Be a Little More Rebellious

Blending music and fashion into a potent formula of clothing that allows one to express their individuality is Allsaints mission statement and that is something which certainly permeates through their design decisions, the decision behind this 'Storm' vest was an especially great one...I mean, have you ever seen a more tremendous piece of clothing!?

Okay, so I know I've probably said that countless times in previous blog posts but if I ever say it again, I'M LYING, my future self IS LYING. Despite it weighing more than the contents of my daily handbag, (which is feat in itself, believe me) I felt like a rebellious rock princess while wearing it. Many of you may be thinking 'princess' and 'rock' are an impossible combination and that I should have used the cliche 'chic' to describe the aura this top creates, BUT HONESTLY the juxtaposition of these two unlikely things describe perfectly just how this top made me feel. Distressed glamour at it's finest. I could come up with these all day, but I won't cause I have a blog post to write, obvs!

Oh and the shoes, THE shoes. Where do I start!? They are obviously the most fabulous shoes to have ever graced my feet. And yes, I can say that without being a hypocrite because I said the top was the most tremendous 'piece of clothing', in the singular form and shoes come in pairs, so, yeah. LEAVE ME ALONE. I know I'm going a bit overboard with this post but these items just make me so happy, they are just SO ME.

My dearest friend Craig bought me these shoes for my birthday waaaay back in December but I didn't get around to wearing them for absolutely ages! I ended up donning them to another friends 21st birthday party mid way through my final year law exams this May,when I should have been revising... hence the title of this post! (It also explains why this blog post is SOOO late! But I clearly wasn't THAT rebellious as GUESS WHAT!? I passed all my exams and will be graduating from Law School next week!)

Top - 'Storm' Chain/Embellished/Sequin Vest from Allsaints
Trousers - 'Petrel Brodie' Allsaints
Shoes - 'Eiffel' by Hades Footwear


Thursday, 20 March 2014

Neon Hues

So, for once we had a mid-March sun filled weekend in London (last year we were still sporting hats and scarves at this time of year). Perfect for a Big Fat Greek Christening! In case you were unaware, which I'm sure many of you were, given my pale freckled skin and blue eyes, I'm half Greek Cypriot (granted, my surname may have given me away). And oh boy do Greeks know how to celebrate...and eat, usually the two go hand in hand. My baby cousins christening was no exception to this and my family and I enjoyed basking in the sun and feasting on meat last Sunday. After that is, my poor little cousin endured an hour of being dunked into a huge basin of olive oil by a scary old man with a sizeable beard. For those of you unaware of greek culture and the like, go watch 'my Big Fat greek Wedding' it will explain everything. Anyway, on to the clothes...

I left my outfit until the last minute and not wanting to sport a dress JUST yet, I opted for two of my relatively new pieces, my silk top and hareem style trousers from Allsaints. These two pieces are SO versatile. Not to mention they are both made of the most luxurious materials and feel great on the skin (The top being 100% silk and the bottoms a silk mix).  Although on the pricey side, this is warranted by the great quality of Allsaints merchandise. For those of you willing to splurge, the top is called 'Lucie Silk' and the trousers are called 'Cedie Plea'.

I felt that this look was a little too bland and officey for a family celebration and so decided I needed some last minute accessories to make the getup POP! Off to New Look I went! I'd had my eye on this style of shoe for a while, namely Allsaints' 'Kiro Snake Heel' but I couldn't bring myself to pay £245! SO, when I saw these double buckle, T-bar beauties for a mere £19.99 I HAD to nab 'em! I also picked up this matching clutch and chunky gold chain necklace for a cool £14.99 and an even cooler £2.99!

The return of the sun also meant I could finally showcase my new sunnies! My personalised Ray-Ban Erika's that my boyfriend bought me for my 21st Birthday in December. Aren't they just beautiful? And the fact the case matched my shoes and bag was a complete fluke I promise!

This is my sister Anita, as some of you may know if you've read any of my 'Anita and Me' makeup posts. She went for an über summery look as you can see. She's a massive girly girl, as is quite obvious... haha!

Her look is a mash-up of high street favourites such as Primark and New Look, and the similar shoes was again, a massive coincidence! Mine are better though, all agreed? ;)

I initially took a few shots in my garden before heading out but, when I saw this FAB garage door nearby the Greek church I just couldn't resist a few snaps! The colour scheme went really well with my look too, Godsend!

Sunglasses - Ray-Ban Erika's
Necklace - New Look
Top - All Saints
Trousers - All Saints
Heels - New Look
Bag- New Look


Friday, 28 February 2014

Sporty Tartan

Following on from my recent tartan orientated post 'Cobalt Tartan' where I brought to you my rather daring plaid trousers, I now give you a more understated take on the trend...

(These snaps were taken just before my boyfriend and I visited the Science Museum on a rather chilly day, as will soon become evident!)

If like I initially was, you're a little apprehensive about the trend, a scarf is a great way to experiment! Just whack it on and voila, your transformation into a fashionista is complete! If you want to take your awesomeness to a whole new level, team it with another on trend piece like I have. I mean, what's the only thing better than one fab piece of clothing!? TWO of course!

(Awkward shot no.1)

 A little too happy perhaps?
My boyfriend also rockin' the tartan scarf trick! Honestly, it really can  just jazz up about any outfit. And guys, take note too, you can also experiment with this trend!

My scarf was quite frankly ridiculously priced at a mere £4, from Primark, obviously...

As trends are often over before you realise they even exist, I find Primark a great place to purchase 'throwaway' or 'keep in your closet until it becomes fashionable again' pieces!

No outfit is complete without my fashion soul-mate, my one and only (or one of many) my Cambridge Satchel!

Okay, so... I made the brave decision to take off my layers despite the frostbite inducing cold to showcase to you all my chiffon baseball top. Generally, the sports luxe trend is confined to jazzed up trackie bottoms of some specification (and yes, I do own a pair myself). BUT, I think this top from H&M brings a new, fresh take on the trend that is greatly welcomed (by at least me anyway...)

(Awkward shot no.2)

HENCE THIS "OMG IT'S FREEZING" SNAP! No, I'm not trying to look all ' high fashion' and 'in motion', this picture really just was a badly timed snap of me moaning about how cold it was while wincing thanks to a massive gust of wind! Go with the former if it makes me seem cooler should you please though!

Me, giving a good old Elvis 'uh-huh-huh'! Can't you tell by the curl of my upper lip!? (Honestly don't know what happened here)

Leather Jacket - New Look
Baseball Top - H & M
Leggings - Primark
Scarf - Primark
Boots - Allsaints

If you like my trend collab' and my embarrassing pics, please do hype 'Sporty Tartan' on Lookbook!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Cobalt Tartan

As promised, here is the follow up post to the 'Japan Matsuri' piece I posted a few days ago where I carefully selected photos in which my fabulous cobalt blue tartan, plaid, check, (whichever you please) trousers were purposefully hidden behind octoballs and the like! (check out my other post to understand that sentence in context, no really. I don't want you to leave that to your imagination...) But, now I unveil to you my cobalt beauties in all their A/W13 mega trend glory!

There always has to be at least one goofy pic, you know me! Keepin' it real!

I bought these trousers rather compulsively from...wait for it...H&M kids! I'm guessing with childhood obesity on the rise kids sizes are just following suit. I mean, how else would I be able to fit my mighty swimmers butt into aged 13-14 trousers!? I'd already seen a lot of traditional red tartan knocking about and well, I'm not one to conform too obviously and blindly to trends so this modern take on tartan encompassing a striking cobalt blue colour really caught my eye. When I realised I had nothing to wear (okay, that's a lie) for my boyfriends birthday dinner that evening I immediately turned to my most recent buy. But...I had yet to buy any accompanying pieces to wear with them! As I was in work that day and wouldn't make it back home before we had to be at the restaurant, I ran out to New Look on my lunchbreak to buy a simple black cami, a piece which has actually enjoyed a much overdue revival from the era where every popstar worth her salt was rocking one, the best era ever, the 90's! I finished off the look with a simple pair of Zara heels and a black leather jacket. Simple and understated but oh so on trend!

Jacket - New Look
Cami - New Look
Trousers - H&M kids
Shoes - Zara