Sunday, 4 October 2015


Sometimes life just calls for a bit of simplicity. Good food, good company and a bit of sun... simple, but everything I could ask for. It's days like this that I cherish...

My boyfriend and I enjoyed dinner at our favourite Argentinian restaurant in Islington, Comedor. It's unremarkable in its decor but my oh my does the food more than make up for it. Never before have I been served a better presented dish than at this cosy little high street joint. Once your food arrives you'd be forgiven for thinking you were in a Michelin star restaurant. The pork belly starter is to die for BTW.

I hadn't a clue what to wear for our dinner and was faced with the ever occurring conundrum of having a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear. Most would generally go for the now ubiquitous LBD (Little Black Dress) so ubiquitous in fact I don't think I needed those brackets! However, it takes a lot to get me in to a dress, pretty much occasions only for this life long tom boy! And so, for me, a little black jumpsuit is much more up my street and that's what I went for. Even more versatile than a LBD dare I say...more weather proof anyway (and doesn't require leg waxing before wear, haha).

I added a pop of colour with my T-bar pointy red and black heels, scraped my hair back in to a pony and voila!

Keep it simple, keep happy, keep being you.

Jumpsuit aka LBJ - George
Watch - Daniel Wellington
Shoes - New Look


Thursday, 16 April 2015

Epiduo Gel Review - Acne Treatment

Epiduo acne fighting rating: 4/5 (some side effect drawbacks)

I hide it as best I can but the truth is I've had relatively bad skin since I was about 16. When everyone else was growing out of the hormone induced pizza face party that is puberty my peaches and cream, blemish free skin decided to turn on me. Everyone had always commented on how nice my skin  was throughout school, but when I finally started sixth form after a long summer, the compliments stopped....

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Behind the scenes | Monochrome Me In a colourful London

I hope you enjoyed watching my first ever behind the scenes video! I felt that the amazing shoot location couldn't be done justice had I not whipped out my go pro for a 360 video for you all to enjoy...the graffiti is cool, sorry about my awkward self...(forgive me, it's so weird seeing yourself on video, eek!)

Shoot Location: Hackney, East London
Music: The Maccaabees - 'Marks To Prove It'

Monday, 6 April 2015

Monochrome Me In A Colourful London

East London has always been my favourite part of London, I especially love it as a shooting location. There are endless side roads and alleys with progressive, seriously cool street art sprawled along their walls, just waiting to be discovered. There's always something new to see it's like a gift that just keeps giving! I've lived in London all my life and studied in the core of East London for years and still every time I find myself there I take a turn down a street I've never been down before and uncover something fantastic! Whether it be a niche little shop, yet another hipster food market or more often than not some truly inspiring street art.

This day was no different, apart from the fact we encountered all three hidden gems! My boyfriend and I stuffed our faces on steamed buns from Bao and pizza from Pizza's Don't Cry (no, I don't get it either, but who are we to argue with hipsters?) all located in Netil Food Market in Hackney. As you might imagine, our stomachs were a little full after such a combo, (I hold my hands up, it was entirely my fault, I couldn't decide which I wanted so got both! -_- ) so we went for a little ramble and came across the coolest space to take a few shots for my blog. It was basically some off road parking around the back of some houses, the last place you'd expect to find such edgy wall art! It worked out really rather well finding a shoot location so off the beaten track, it meant there was nobody around to throw me off my 'posing' game. (which is really, really bad at the best of times let alone when I have an audience!)

I'm glad I went for a simple monotone look, it wasn't purposeful but it allowed the scenery to do the talking this time.

I will follow this blogpost with a short video giving you all a closer look at the shoot location. (I had to make use of my gopro SOMEHOW and it doesn't look like I'm going to be doing any extreme sports anytime soon...)

Hat - H&M
Jacket - New Look
Jumper - Zara
Jeans - Allsaints
Slip-ons - River Island
Bag - Fjällräven

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

NEW IN: SPORTSWEAR | Rainbow Running

January. New year, new me. The year begins full of promise and self determination, this year will be the year I stick to it you think to yourself. Fast forward thirty days and as January fades away so do all our fitness goals, that Christmas pudding top is here to stay. (It's going to be cold for at least another three months, this is England after all! You'll probably need the extra layer of fat for insulation anyway, don't worry).

Pretty much how everybody's new year goes every year, right!? - Me too.

BUT let's be positive, this will be the year we stick it out! I have motivation this year round anyway, with uni over and my internship ending in the summer,(deets on that soon, kept it quiet didn't I!?) I have plans to go on a wild and wonderful Asian adventure! Having not really planned it properly as of yet, I suspect that I'll be spending most of my time lounging on a beach somewhere off the Gulf of Thailand. So, a hot bod is rather essential really!

There's just one small problem right now...well, in fact it's probably a little larger than small... I HAVE A BROKEN TOE! (Kitten + Christmas Tree = DISASTER ...don't ask!) Okay, so I broke it about three weeks ago now but it still hurts like hell! I can just about walk let alone run! There's one plus though, I get to preserve my rather amazing new Asics just that little while longer! I know you want them too, how could you not!? They are pretty much the coolest running shoes I have ever laid eyes on, they are ASICS Gel Noosa Tri 8's. There's a newer model but I prefer the look of these ones, they're super comfy too and great for the gym or road running...and triathlons according to the name, but don't hold me to that one, I've yet to ever complete or even attempt one!

Naturally, I had to buy some equally as colourful gym gear to go with my new trainers, I went for the patterned neon vibe in case you couldn't tell. Nike PRO shorts are my absolute fav, I have so many pairs but these marble effect ones have definitely taken pride of place!

The rest of the gear is cheap and cheerful from Primark's gym range. While I'm not a fan of their running tights/shorts as I find the elastic is weak and they don't last very long,  for other things such as tops and sports bras I find Primark great as I can buy things in every colour under the rainbow and it ends up costing the same as one Nike one would. My gym wardrobe will soon be more extensive than my actual wardrobe if I'm not careful! (And trust me that would be a mean feat!)

Anyway, I'm going to go and put my feet up and hold out until this toe decides to get better. Jog and extra a little extra for me tomorrow won't you please...

Trainers - ASICS Gel Noose Tri 8
Tops - All Primark
Shorts - Nike PRO


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Graduation Déjà vu

Thought I'd go a bit retro with this post seeing as I've waited so long to post pretty much is retro! As you may know I graduated in July of this year, but just two days later I was back at the same place *cue déjà vu* surrounded by yet more students in their mortarboards and gowns as I attended my boyfriends graduation.

I kept my look low key but smart, I really couldn't be bothered to go all out and wear a dress as I had done what felt like just hours before! I also couldn't be bothered to rack my mind and my bursting wardrobe for something to wear so bought my whole outfit the day before while getting in my weekly dose of retail therapy! Green is my favourite colour, hence why my mum bought me this beautiful emerald jewellery set as a graduation present. I styled my look around it and went for this apple green hue to compliment the beautiful emerald stones. I really loved not just the colour of this top but was also drawn to the interesting mix of fabrics (faux leather back and a lace type front) and the slit at the back.

I wanted to be cool and comfy as I almost roasted to death in my black dress and gown at my own graduation so opted for these light and airy cream floaty trousers, they were so comfy I felt like I wasn't even wearing anything! Again, after learning from my own mistakes, (wearing strappy high heels to my own graduation was a really bad idea...) I went for a closed toe block heel as I knew I'd be in them for hours. These Primark shoes were honestly the most comfortable shoes I've worn, after a full day in them my feet were right as rain! A bargain at just £14 too!

The white clutch was the only thing that wasn't new and is just a wardrobe staple really!

Hope you enjoyed the little insight into my world! And you've finally been able to put a face to the man behind all the amazing pictures on my blog! My boyfriend Christian takes most of my outfit photos for me and this blog (or me for that matter) wouldn't be able to function without him. So thank you and well done on graduating!

Top - Zara
Trousers - Zara
Shoes - Primark
Clutch -Primark
Jewellery - Graduation gift from my mum


Monday, 8 December 2014

NEW IN: WINTER ESSENTIALS | Turtles, Snow Foxes and Pythons

Call me Dr Dolittle should you please because I have gone animal crazy this winter! My closet now features a wide array of animal themed pieces. Meet my two newest turtles, one grey one black, both from the not so far away land of Primark. (To see me strutting my stuff in another one from my turtle neck collection see my post 'A Misty Mid-afternoon'). The black one is the same as the grey one featured in the post and is tight fitting and made from thin cotton whereas the grey one pictured here is a lot thicker and much more appropriate for those cold winter days! Both were ridiculously priced at £5 each!

These trousers are also from Primark for £14, I'm really into grey this season so couldn't help myself when I saw these! 

I absolutely adore my python skin slip-ons from River Island, I HAD to buy these, and not through a senseless shopaholic standpoint...I actually did. After standing for 9 hours for the fourth consecutive day I couldn't wait to chuck my not so trusty old leather boots on...and...the zip decided to break. Off I went, wincing in pain, traipsing around Oxford street looking for a damn shop that had any form of flat shoe in a size 5! Then, these RI slip-ons came to my rescue in all their python print glory! My life saved. All for just £22, not to mention the fashion brownie points gained! RESULT!

And then, well then allow me to introduce my new pet snow fox, aka my KANKEN! After months of pining over it and wishing the classic in black would be restocked somewhere! I was pleasantly surprised when my boyfriend surprised me with this seemingly endangered and rare CLASSIC BLACK KANKEN for my birthday this month! (Serious boyfriend brownie points here, well done!)

If you were wondering what the other two furry things were, the first is my devilishly naughty 6month old kitten Xeno (formally Xena before we realised it had you know...balls. WOOPS!) He's the reason I'm currently sitting here with my feet up feeling sorry for myself and my broken toe. Kittens and Christmas trees are a match made in hell, let's just leave it there.

The other furball is my Pomeranian Honey, more commonly known as my best friend in the world. For endless pictures of her, check out my personal instagram @nichm (Yes, I am one of 'those' people).

I hope you like my first NEW-IN post, there will be plenty more where this came from knowing me and my endless spending!

Fjallraven Kanken Classic Black Backpack - ASOS
Turtle Necks - Primark
Trousers - Primark
Slip ons - River Island