Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Aviator Invasion

The Aviator trend, has it seems quite literally Crash Landed on to the Runway that is the High Street. The trend of course has flown in from the High End Runways of brands like Burberry (wow overuse of the word 'Runway' doesn't the very fact that a Runway is called a Runway just imply that Aviator jackets just SHOULD inherently BE on the Fashion Runway!?) Okay silly rant over...

Aviator Jackets are THE key piece for Autumn/Winter 2010, They've been reworked in every possible shape, fabric and style imaginable, no matter what it looks like just make sure you've got your hands on one this Winter!  Here's a selection of my key pieces:


The less conventional Aviator, with a more feminine shape and softer fabric.


The Light coloured Aviator, again not so much the classic looking aviator but a welcome alternative


And these well what can I say THESE are my BABIES! Aren't they just A M A Z I N G!? Yes AVIATOR BOOTS! 

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Britains Next Top Model Live


As AVID followers of Britain's Next Top Model and dedicated viewers of each and every cycle my sister and I jumped at the chance to attend BNTM Live at Excel London, here are just a few snaps from the day.... enjoy :)


We saw the BNTM Girls up close on the Day


Beautiful crystallised Figures at BNTM entrance


My sister Anita rockin' the Aviator* trend at BNTM
(* Just to give you a heads up... it's the subject of my next blog entry)

My sister Anita was selected/scouted to take part in the Open Catwalk Casting session, here are just a few shots of her strutting her stuff down the catwalk

Cute little Vintage Stall at BNTM
The 'Vintage Look' is really making it's way back, the event was packed with loads of vintage stalls.


Yes things got a little bit heated during the Fashion Show when the boys very nearly, upstaged the girls... but not quite!


I love Green almost as much as I love Fashion.... A L M O S T!

And I'm rather fond of frogs (mainly due to their greeness) too, so when I saw this Graffitied Cab I knew I had to whip the trusty ol' camera out! After this photo was taken me and my sister jumped in a little less colourfuCab and made our way home after a fun-filled, fashion packed day!

Sunday, 10 October 2010


I have absolutely NOTHING interesting to blog about... but simply just HAD to blog on the 10th of the 10th 2010!

seriously cool or what.

okay that's all I had to say... yes really, okay bye!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

I'm so sorry for being such a crap Blogger atm!

Hey guys and gals, so it's been a while, well ok a LONG while...and I'm not back for keeps just yet! I'm in the process of getting my UCAS done at the moment and am crazy busy! It has to be in by the 15th Oct and it's nowhere near done...  =S Eeeeek! *bites lip* But don't go putting that date in your diaries for my much anticipated return to the Blogger's Realm just yet! I have a Uni entrance exam to revise for on the 23rd of this month too ='(  Sad Times... BUT no worries I'm planning to let my hair down and will be grabbing my heels and dressing up for the Britain's Next Top Model Live Fashion Show  on the 24th... so check back soon for some up to date Fashion Gos' from the one and only ME! ;)

Much luuuurve, check back soon

Thursday, 16 September 2010

One Step Closer

This in not Fashion related in the slightest... But sure as hell is cool,
I... Yes me Nicola Passed my Theory Test Today!
One step closer to being on the road... I can already smell  freedom in the air!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

In London, standing next to America?

A day out and about in London, London Bridge, South Bank and the wonderful TATE Gallery...



Am I in London or America? cause the bright lights are tellin' me I'm in the U S of A baby! (Exhibit in the TATE Gallery)


I have something to confess...
*waits in anticipation*
*gasp* ;o

It's okay it's all in the name of Art! Art = Free expression... so what I like to dress like a girl?  FASHION. It's the outermost expression of within is it not?! XD LOL!


London Bridge, I love London do YOU love London?


London Bridge yet again, doesn't it look so much better when I'm on it!? ;)


WHAAM!  Andy Warhol's back! This was by far my FAVOURITE exhibition at the TATE!


you can't possibly do Warhol in Black & White! that's just... well that's just WRONG! Surely?



Oh how <3 Warhol
Oh how I <3 London

Sorry if I seemed slightly mental on this post, I usually go slightly crazy at this time in the morning!

Photography by: Saul Nash

Monday, 9 August 2010

Biking Mad in London


The Look: Vest: All Saints  Jeggins: New Look   Leather Jacket: New Look   Sunglasses: Ray Ban Boots: River Island   Bag: Matalan Stud  Bracelet: New Look Shark Tooth Chain: Dorothy Perkins

Lovin' the look?...If so please Hit the Hype button! =)


Enjoying the New Cycle Hire in London! =)

Go Green! and cycle your way round London!


Car's are soooo last year! So follow the Fashion Pack and the likes of supermodel Agyness your bit for the world and get on your bike!

To find out more about Bike Hire in London visit :



Photography By: Me
Agness Deyn Photos from other sources not of my own.
NOW CYCLE ON!...... ;)

Friday, 30 July 2010

Owl Envy

Hang those Owls... Nope... that's no typo! Owls' are this season's HOTTEST Jewelry trend! Wear them BIG or small just make sure you're WEARING one this summer! I myself am a BIG fan. I have two Owl Necklaces' of my Own, Mummy Owl and Baby Owl -_- aren't they cute!?

Photography by: Me!

Was rather windy...

On a school Trip to Greenwich University, and just couldn't resist taking a few quick snaps whilst the teachers weren't looking! ;)

Photography by: Saul Nash

Owls are the only thing that should be round your neck right now!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Clothes show live 2010 - London

Nicola M

Nicola M

Upon Entry to the FANTABULOUS Clothes Show Live!

Nicola M

Around The World Fashion Show
Nicola M

Underwater photo shoot. Would you believe me if I said those girls were really naked? well let me tell you that ISN'T real lingerie... It's Painted on! yes P A I N T E D!

Nicola M

My sister Anita and I after our first entry and I do emphasise FIRST (as we made at least 5 more visits) to the Paul's Boutique Stall. we ended up buying 3 bags and two make up bags between us! And TRUST me we did not need ONE MORE bag in our house it's bursting to the brim with them (my mum got a little mad at us, but oh well all in the name of fashion aye!) =)

Nicola M

Ab-solutely Gorgeous! I'm sure you'd agree!? May I just inform you THEY asked for picture with ME, not the other way round -_- Just kidding! <3

Nicola M

Around The World Fashion Show

Nicola M

My sister Anita and I with Siva from The Wanted!(who performed at the Fashion Show)he is even HOTTER in the flesh!
Is it just me or does he remind you of Taylor Lautner/Jacob from Twilight? Ahh well they're both equally as ravishing anyway!...Siva and me couldn't be more compatible, he's a twin I'M A TWIN, He's Irish, I'M IRISH (well my mummy is) SEE MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!

Nicola M

Well here's a STORY. We were walking away after having taken a picture with Siva, when MAX called out to my sister, shouting "Oi Katy Perry!" yes he genuinely thought my sister was her!

Nicola M

Snaps from the photo booth... Me, Anita, and her friend Natasha =)

Pwoar...what a GREAT day out that was! Doing this post has put me in a rather reminiscent mood , ahh Shopping, Shopping, Shopping, HOT GUYS!, Shopping, Shopping, Shopping... Hoping to go to the next one at the Birmingham NEC in December and the great thing is it's ON my Birthday, which means I'll have tonnes of money to spend!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Nicola M
Nicola M

Vest: H&M, Chinos: New Look, Scarf (worn as belt): Vintage, Bag: stolen from my sister! ;), Wooden Heart necklace: New Look

Tut Tut... I've been slacking!

It's pretty evident that my blog hasn't really evolved much! Sorry but I've been super duper busy! But at last the summer has finally arrived 'hurrah!' So prepare yourself for a major overhaul, one MUST get her blog looking all nice and snazzy!Oh...and a monstrous amount of new blog posts and pictures of what I've been getting up to in my oh so busy life; London Clothes Show Live *HOT GUYS ALERT* (Trust me the jaw dropping ab-tastic photo's are a must see!) and my school's very first Fashion sure to check back soon! =) Much Lovin! X

Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Girl With the Wooden Heart.

The Look
Simple, casual summer look, Safari pants,vest and a couple of wooden accessories to jazz it up a little! ;) Not to forget my trusty tan brogues to finish the look off.
The Day
Went to my friends first outdoor Gig with some friends, brought my gorgeous little Pomeranian puppy Honey to the park, where she very nearly got stung by a fair few bees that she just LOVES to chase! Silly little mite! Then the HUNGER set in, with rumbling stomachs me and my friends made our way to TinselTown for a real American style burger ;) Bursting to the brim we decided to walk it off with a stroll through central London stopping off in Trafalgar square for a rest before heading back home.

If you like this look hype my LookBook widget...cheers X