Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Aviator Invasion

The Aviator trend, has it seems quite literally Crash Landed on to the Runway that is the High Street. The trend of course has flown in from the High End Runways of brands like Burberry (wow overuse of the word 'Runway' doesn't the very fact that a Runway is called a Runway just imply that Aviator jackets just SHOULD inherently BE on the Fashion Runway!?) Okay silly rant over...

Aviator Jackets are THE key piece for Autumn/Winter 2010, They've been reworked in every possible shape, fabric and style imaginable, no matter what it looks like just make sure you've got your hands on one this Winter!  Here's a selection of my key pieces:


The less conventional Aviator, with a more feminine shape and softer fabric.


The Light coloured Aviator, again not so much the classic looking aviator but a welcome alternative


And these well what can I say THESE are my BABIES! Aren't they just A M A Z I N G!? Yes AVIATOR BOOTS! 


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