Monday, 21 February 2011

Lightning Bolt

Seriously Rock, Seriously Black, Seriously Cool...
Black leather shorts teamed with classic Henry Holland suspender tights (a range of which I'm in love with!) And a statement Lightning Bolt rocker belt and Fringed Black waistcoat and killer Black Heels.

Prim and Proper (Yummy follow up)

... and here it is, my look!

Here I've teamed a cute floral skirt with a Sheer Coral blouse which are everywhere right now! I'm keeping my eye out for A black one at the moment! I finished the look off with some neutral heals with a cutesy bow at the front..and voila worked a treat ;)


Mouth watering Ice-Cream shades make for a cute girly look,that's sure to have the boys wanting more, make sure your the first pick in their Pic 'n' Mix bags...and get yourself some pastels whether they be a cute pair of on trend peach brogues or a sheer floaty dress! Even a ring or two will do!

Was strolling through China Town yesteday evening and stumbled upon the cutest little Ice-Cream/Desert Parlor, check it out...





All these yummy colourful treats have inspired me to create a pastel look of my own, check back to get a glimpse in my next blogpost...


First up ignore the ridiculous face -_- I don't know what that's about, but meh I guess it adds to the Weird Geeky aura.

Tweed Blazers are coming back and here's my take on them, my one actually has brown leather elbow patches which you can't see. I've just worn it with a Vintage Denim shirt done up to the collar for an extra nerdy touch and a pair of classic chinos and taupe heels :)


Bit of Geek Chic...

Good news; got some new Ray Ban's and thought there was no better way to showcase them than with an thoroughly geeky, tailored to the max ensemble with tapered neutral hues complete with this seasons must have accessory the ‘granny scarf’ as I like to call them, and not to mention a pair of Wedge yes WEDGE Loafers, yes insanely ironic isn’t it!?

Bad news; the only reason I got some brand Spankin' new Ray Ban's is because I have something called 'Corneal neovascularization' which is the excessive ingrowth of blood vessels toward my Cornea LOVELY! And it's all beacuse I've been very naughty and have been overwearing my contacts =S WOOPS!

And so from now on I'll be wearing glasses pretty much all the time... guess it's a good job that I insisted on Ray Ban's eh!? ;)

Oh and if your wondering why the sudden mass of blogpost's, it's beacuse the new Fashion network 'enstyle' launched today on Facebook and I'm one of it's founding stuff no? and I had to post loads of new posts to get the community going- so expect many more Blog post's to follow shortly! check it out and join my Fanpage:

La la la la lace





I found a couple of photos on an old memory card full of a billion and one Lookbook snapshots,
and thought I'd upload them... enjoy xoxo

Sunday, 20 February 2011


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