Monday, 10 October 2011

Malta Day Two.

Photobucket Christian and his Strawberry Flan, waiting for the bus to golden Bay Photobucket Traditional Maltese buses, which sadly are now out of service :( Photobucket Golden Bay Photobucket Leaving footprint in the sand... Photobucket This was possibly the most random hilarious thing I saw all holiday! (p.s my mum's Irish) Photobucket Christian checking out the jellyfish at St. Pauls Bay Photobucket Me at St. Pauls Bay
  Christian Wears:
Vest: Topman 
Swim Shorts: Topman 

 I Wear: 
Blue Bikini: River Island
Vest: H&M 
Shorts: Primark

 Check back soon for more photos! xoxo

1 comment:

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