Friday, 25 November 2011

My new E2 post code...

Starting Uni not only meant going somewhere new, but also... moving out! (although not very far) I now live in the good ol' East End of London. To be more precise in Hipster town aka Shoreditch. A stone's throw away from Spitafield's market and only a short walk from the infamous or famous whichever you please, Brick Lane. The hustle and bustle of it's renowned Sunday Market really is something everyone should experience. It's vast array of vintage and thrift stores contain a treasure chest of Fashion one off's and must have goodies! The place oozes creativity with wall art (what others may define as graffiti) plastered on almost every wall. The area and the people in it just scream rebellion. It's parade of effortlessly cool bars are packed every night of the week, which provide me with a teeming group of outlandishly individual muse's to steal some style inspirations from. As soon as I get a new SLR (I currently have metallic purple digital camera *cringe*)I will be sure to take advantage of the endless fashion inspiration and hope to have a regular street style post up and running shortly, so do keep those eyes of yours peeled! :) No that's not an old shoe shop it's a bar, the most popular one round these parts I might add! Oh and food wise there is THE best Chippy EVER near Spitafield's...Poppies Fish 'n' Chips. Anyway Toodles for now! xoxo


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