Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Wondered why moustaches seem to be appearing EVERYWHERE lately!? Take this gigantic ginger one for example that just 'appeared' one day this November on Old Street... random much?
 P.s it was furry! =D
...Well it's all in aid of MOVEMBER, and no I did not just spell November wrong! A month dedicated to moustache growing, and money raising all in aid of bringing awareness to Men's Health...namely Testicular and Prostate Cancer.

My boyfriend 'attempted' to grow a mo' but somewhat failed, LOL. Here's his very attractive photo...

Tash'es are taking over...

Moustache Tom's!

And Tatty Devine have some super cool moustache themed pieces!

(Images from:http://www.tattydevine.com)

MOUSTACHES ARE COOL, and what a great cause!


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