Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mon premier jour à Paris

I shan't bog you down with a day by day diary-esque account of my recent week away in Paris with my boyfriend, mainly due to the fact I don't have the time to! The commencement of my second year of my Law degree this October has reclaimed most of my free time, and my summer is most definitely over. The photos to follow are of our first day in Paris...

I'll be posting  more photos of the rest of my time in Paris soon, so be sure to pay another visit!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Autumn wish list

My Autumn wish list

Well here they are, my most desired items for this autumn. Naturally, living in England means you daren't step out of the door without a coat any time after August. Although, this year we only had about two weeks worth of summer! Anyway, enough of me complaining about the atrocious English weather, which seems to be all we English talk (moan) about. Back to coats...

I've been longing for the perfect coat for a while now, one which is smart yet seemingly sleek and cool at the same time. I should have known to turn to Allsaints for this. I found the perfect one on their online store, it's called the Tula Coat. I need to go in-store and try it on as it's not exactly a steal with the price tag of £275, which means it better look DAMN good before I depart with that kind of cash! 

Chelsea boots are probably one of my favourite types of shoes, my pair from last year are heavily over worn and I plan to replace them with this pair from Topshop sometime soon. They are £62 and can be found here. As you may know if you follow my blog, vintage Levi shorts are quite literally all I wear in summer. But, I've yet to find the perfect pair of jeans. I think vintage Levi's are a welcome alternative to the modern day skinny jeans craze. Plus, they look great when paired with Chelsea boots, so I'm on the look out for the perfect pair.

Now, let me just graze over the accessories rather quickly so I can get onto the bag, yes THE bag. I'm in need of an every day watch and this little Casio is functional and excitedly retro. As for the ring and nail varnish, I'm kind of obsessed with ox blood/wine red or whatever you want to call it, at this moment in time. This ring from is pleasantly dark and gothic, it'd make the perfect vampire daylight ring (*cue Vampire Diaries references*...another thing I'm currently obsessed with.) As for the nail varnish I own the same one from Barry M in black, it creates a really interesting effect. So, naturally I thought why not get it in red too.

Finally, THE CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL. Now, if you've never heard of them then you must be a hermit living under a rock. Cliché I know, but they're the biggest thing since sliced bread. And I want one! They're made to order, this classic one is £94 and you can get your initials embossed on it at an extra cost. It's my birthday in December and well, this is the point where the true motive behind this post becomes clear...maybe I should have just explicitly named it 'My Birthday Wishlist...'