Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I'm on Instagram!

Just a quick post to let you all know, you can now find me on Instagram. I'm usually too busy to do proper blog posts these days(well, at least to the standard I'd like),exams are looming and work is taking over! So, In a bid to keep you all updated on my antics I'll be using Intagram as a kind of quick, easy and fun platform to do just that!

 Expect an almost 'behind the scenes' approach to what I'll be uploading. And, whilst that means it will hopefully give you a better and more frequent insight into my day to day life, it does... unfortunately mean the pictures will most likely be of a shocking quality! all thanks to the fantastic invention that is the iPhone! The idea is; I take it everywhere with me, and thus it will be easy for me to keep you posted 24/7! Well maybe not 24/7 because that would just get annoying; No?...well maybe your just a weird stalker then who likes that kind of thing.... =/

Stalker or not,



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