Tuesday, 15 January 2013

It has arrived!

I have wanted a Cambridge Satchel since I first became aware of them OVER a year ago now, I really don't know what was stopping me from buying one; they're a total BARGAIN for what they are. Handmade to order and embossed with your initials and available from £94!

This was a Christmas present from my boyfriend but it took absolutely ageeeees to come, I'm guessing because everyone went on a Cam Satchel frenzy over the Christmas period. This is a 15" Batchel in 'Vintage'. LOVE IT.

This beanie was in the sale for £4 in H&M, I've been wearing it a little too much this winter...but it's GREAT for bad hair days.

Love the back of this cut off sheer shirt, from PRIMARK! I mean Primarni ;)

Sparkly jumpers are everywhere at the moment, but I really love the string effect of this one from New Look; and yes I'm well aware sparkly jumpers have very much been type cast as Christmassy but does this face look bothered? (you see that's funny because you can't see my face...HA.)

All I can say is these DM's KILLLLL the backs of my ankles...can someone break them in for me pretty please?

Me good ol' Casio.

Okay. I have issues. My satchel arrived yesterday I loved it SO much that I went to the Cambridge Satchel shop in Covent Garden today and bought another one! Check back soon to see my baby no.2...

A la the complete look for today's shopping antics.