Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My favourite trends of 2012


Galaxy print, cosmic, whatever you want to call it, was epidemic in 2012! It was always going to be my kind of trend, not just because this bold print really makes a statement but because I'm a science geek at heart; so, naturally as soon as I realised it was 'cool' to let my inner geek out I jumped at the chance...maybe a little too enthusiastically...

I've accumulated so many space inspired pieces that I'm confident I probably have enough to constitute my own constellation.

Leggings were a big thing with this trend, but I'm not a fan of wearing leggings in the cold, and well it's pretty much cold 24/7 in England. So, when I saw these cosmically fantastic jeans in H&M's catalogue for a mere £25 the witch hunt began. I'm pretty sure I looked in every H&M in London but to no avail! Luckily my friends know me all too well and one of them managed to get their hands on a pair just in time for my birthday, REEESULT!

Again this t-shirt was a present, it's the 'Lift off Tee' from Tee and Cake's exclusive range for Topshop. And as if the T-shirt itself wasn't cool enough you can bake a cake by following the recipe on the label. What more could a girl ask for? A cool top and a cake to go with it! I also LOVE the PUN. Tee and cake. Genius. I also love cake.. but that's irrelevant because this is a fashion blog not a food appreciation blog...hmm...maybe I should start one of those too? *DROOLS* =P

Now, I actually bought this vest myself believe it or not! I really liked the range of colours and the kind of 'pastel' tone to them which makes a change from the usually very vibrant shades used  in most pieces stemming from the trend.

And once again this snazzy little thang (yes, I did just use the word 'thang') was bought for me by my boyfriend a while back now. This was my first cosmic piece and remains my favourite. Unlike some of the other items, I have yet to see ANYONE with this particular bag by Kipling or a galaxy print bag in general really! And, well, I like to be a bit different in case you hadn't gathered that already. Aside from the seriously awesome print of this backpack, I've wanted a Kipling bag for ages now admittedly largely due to the monkey (I believe it's a gorilla?) brand mascot that comes with every bag.

There is one brand that has really embraced the cosmic explosion, (you see that's relevant because a meteor hit Russia today! *Snaps out of nerd mode*) and that brand is the flamboyant and fantastically boisterous Black Milk Clothing. Jeffrey Campbell have also worked with BMC to produce some frankly RIDICULOUSLY glorious heels! Here is just a small selection of what they have to offer in the way of star filled  pieces...


I'm a fan of  this edgy trend, as a life long tomboy how could I not be!? Although saying that, when done correctly the spike trend can also be really sexy. Overdone and it can just look BUTCH.  By some, this trend was very almost MURDERED, I'd see people with spikes left right and bloody centre, with every item of their clothing having some sort of spike poking out of it! After a while it's over wear and overuse really rather put me off the trend, but at the point of  it's conception it was definitely one of my favourite trends of the year.

My collection of spiked items doesn't really extend further than these pumps and a spiked necklace. Both are great for adding a bit of an oomph to an otherwise girly outfit, and well, girly isn't really my thing in case you hadn't realised! The ability to change the dynamic of an outfit with the addition of a few spikes is something that really appeals to me about the trend!

These are a few of my spiky picks;  the shirt is from ASOS and comes in at £30 and both the necklace (£16) and socks (£8) are from Urban Outfitters.


My all time favourite trend, also stemming from my inherent tomboy nature. I wanted to be in the army, it used to be my life long ambition as a kid. Obstacle courses, mud and kitted out in camo from head to toe! It seemed like my ultimate dream, so naturally I was extremely happy when camo made an appearance in the world of fashion.

I got this vintage camo shirt from Soulja Military in Camden Market for EIGHT Squid! Bar-gaiiiin!

The other items in this outfit are also worth a mention. I got this vest from Camden Market also, I like the mesh effect and the layered material that makes up the skull, it is a mixture of black lace and a white silky material, ultra cool. These leather trousers were a steal at just £20 reduced from £42 at Topshop. My riding boots by Harry Hall are practically all I wear at the moment they're just SO versatile and ridiculously comfy!

I wanted this bag, and so did my boyfriend, but so not to indulge my tomboy within too much I decided to buy it for him...I can still steal it back whenever I want though! ;)

And so my lovelies those were my favourite trends of 2012. What were yours?