Monday, 4 March 2013

All American

I have never been to American, BUT, if you gave me a one way ticket there right this second I'd jump at the chance without a second thought. It's my life aim to one day say that I've visited all 52/50 states...avoiding the politics of that, let me proceed with the real reason for my post, CLOTHES (and food, again)...

As an American enthusiast living in the UK, naturally I've pledged my allegiance to one of the most well known, if not the only known baseball team over here across the pond; the NEW YORK YANKIES!I've been a loyal fan for a number of years now. I've wanted a jersey FOREVER! And, to my delight my boyfriend got me a PERSONALISED one no less for my birthday in December. I haven't got a snap of the back but it reads 'NICOLA 02' two being my lucky number and the date that my wonderful self graced the earth with my presence.

In keeping with my 'all American' theme I teamed my vintage Levi's with a Tommy Hilfiger belt, the ultimate American brand, although, I'm biased because I work there.  I use the term 'my' loosely in that sentence as I haven't got round to getting my own pair of Levi's as of yet, I stole these from my sister, she didn't realise, but I guess now she'll know! What the heck it was completely necessary to complete the look, any old jeans just weren't going to work! It HAD to be Levi's.

I added a few gold accents in the form of my Casio and a cute bird dress ring. A dash of red, although not the designated 'Old Glory Red' shade on my nails, ensured a complete representation of the national colours.

(this is such an awkward photo) 

The Converse, much like the Levis were a MUST as another truly classic American brand. I only threw on the blazer because I was freezing BUT I'm going to stop talking about the weather right this second because I mention it too much, and I'm no meteorologist, and well  frankly the weather is just a thoroughly boring topic. What I WILL talk about again however is FOOD...

As I had a very rare Sunday off work, I headed down to my favourite place in the world, Brick Lane. My boyfriend and I had lunch at the world food market and this time round I went for something different, some Venezuelan street food. It was a good decision, and I fear I may now be hooked. Move over Chinese, Venezuelan is so the new IN cuisine.

As I was in the birthplace of Hipsterdom, I felt the need to capture some honorary Hipster essence in the form of a artistic portrait complete with authentic beanie!

Anyway toodles for now (too English I know but I can't think of a more 'American' way to sign off), hope you liked my ridiculously contradictory patriotic advertising for American brands and baseball teams! Now HYPE me on lookbook because I have compromised my British patriotism to create this look for you all! Her Majesty would not be amused.