Friday, 7 June 2013

KIKO Make up Review

Finally, I give you the long awaited KIKO make up review! Without boring you to death I must just reiterate that my absence from the blogosphere (which most probably went almost completely unnoticed) was due to the fact that I have spent the last two months in the law library revising for my second year exams; which I may add was stupendously boring.

ANYWAY, on to the fun stuff...

My mother and older sister went to Rome in April, (yes that's how long I've been waiting to post this!) I asked them to get me a selection of items from the KIKO Make up Milano range. I first stumbled upon this brand whilst on holiday in Sicily last year when I was desperate to get my hands on a decent waterproof mascara after forgetting to pack mine. I bought the 'Ultra Tech' waterproof mascara that is featured in this post and was pleasantly surprised by it's quality, especially coupled with it's rather cheap price tag! I was so impressed that I wanted to try more of their products and didn't realise that they now have a shop here in London, which I will be visiting often now I'm in the know!

Now I was rather sceptical to try any concealer other than MAC Studio Finish which I have been using for years now but, at almost £15 a pop I was keen to try an alternative. I have to say KIKO's Full Coverage Concealer is a close contender for the title of best concealer and it's a steal at half the price of MAC's coming in at just £7.50. As the name may give away it's a pretty dense concealer but believe you me I NEED IT! Despite being twenty it seems my skin has yet to realise I'm no longer a teenager and I still get quite a few spots, I also have red marks from old spots as my skin is quite sensitive. I find this concealer does the job of hiding them pretty well although I must say MAC Studio Finish is still my favourite, it has a little more staying power than the KIKO alternative.

For anyone else who may use MAC and wants to give KIKO a try, I use MAC Studio Finish in 'NW20' and have found this is most similar in it's shade to KIKO's '01 Clear'

This is the Ultra Tech waterproof mascara I mentioned earlier, it's £7.50 to buy here in the UK although I recall paying a lot less in Italy, as is the case for many of the other products. I'd recommend if you are planning a trip to Italy, to wait it out and stock up over there. Although I am extremely fussy with my mascaras, usually opting for Clinique's High Lengths mascara which has a comb applicator which I prefer as I feel it allows for a much more natural look. I'm not a fan of clumpy over applied mascara I like to try and define every individual lash. Although KIKO's mascara didn't come with my preferred applicator, it was fine for a quick holiday fix. It done what it was meant to and didn't budge from beach to evening. Whenever I need to use waterproof mascara when I'm at home I sometimes swap applicators with my Clinique one to get my desired look. Overall however despite my picky taste with regards to applicators this was a good all round mascara and did what what it says on the tin, it was most certainly waterproof.

This Rock Top nail lacquer gives Barry M's Instant Nail Effects Crackle a run for it's money and it's now on sale for ONE POUND! Sadly they don't have this shade in stock online but ANY colour is a steal at £1, right!?

As I said in previous posts I'm not really a fan of lipsticks often opting for lip tints instead (for my review on Benfit's 'benetint' click here). However I've yet to find a lip tint that gives a luscious red tone, it's something you can only really create properly with a lipstick. This is KIKO's Smart Lipstick in '84 Red' and it has almost converted me to a avid lipstick user! It stays on for absolutely HOURS and creates the perfect sultry red lip! (Did I mention it's also only £2.50!!) I didn't take any pictures of it on when I took these photos as I had the most horrendous spots, however I wore it to a Dior event some time after and there will be plenty of professionally taken pictures of me wearing it that night in a blogpost to follow.

That's all for now folks, get down to a KIKO store ASAP, there are two in London at both Westfield Stratford and Westfield White City.