Wednesday, 31 July 2013


No everyone, I haven't been abducted by extra terrestrials although it may seem that way due to my lack of blogging and even instagraming lately! I have SO much to blog about as I've been up to SO much this summer but it's just a vicious cycle really as I never have the time to actually sit down and write about it. Well, in actual facts it's all the resizing and what not of the photos to go with my posts that I have no time (and no laptop while abroad) to actually do!

I have around TEN half done postsjust waiting to be finished and posted dating from MONTHS ago! I just thought I'd give you all a little update with regards to what I'm so busy doing, I recently got back from Tokyo and flew to Hamburg just two days later, I AM JETLAGGED TO SAY THE LEAST!, in fact I'm even falling asleep writing this post! But I promise to start blogging regularly soon and my photos from Japan will most certainly be worth the wait but with almost 2000 of them the wait may be a tad longer than both you and I would have hoped.

Until then much love, 多くの愛 (Ōku no ai), viel Leibe