Thursday, 19 September 2013

Dior A/W 2013 In Store Showcase

So guys, little life update for you all;  this summer Law has most definitely been thrown, if not hurled out the window (for now) and it seems the fashion aspect of my life has really been on the up! The day after landing myself a new job during which I spent a month working at the Chanel Boutique on New Bond street I got a call... I was needed to help out the Dior Sloane Street team with an in store event as the resident Styling team were on business in Paris, good news for me! I was a bit daunted at first as this was my first styling-esque job and I didn't exactly start off at any old place, I mean DIOR!? When I got there I realised I had more responsibility than I'd anticipated, I was solely responsible for getting the two models, Ana and Ramona ready.

I was given the A/W lookbook and told to recreate the looks as best I could, however there was a problem...we didn't have the new collection shoes or accessories! I had to improvise with a limited selection of past season display pieces. I felt so sorry for the girls as this meant they both had to wear shoes that were two sizes too small for the entire day as all the display shoes were a size 39 and both the girls were a 41, their feet were quite literally bleeding! But I guess they're used to it as they soldiered through without complaint. I was so surprised to learn that not all models are stuck up divas, Ramona and Ana were honestly two of the nicest girls let alone models that I've ever met, making my job a lot easier. We were chatting about our travels and Ana whom is signed to a Japanese agency was giving me loads of tips about my up and coming trip to Tokyo. Not to mention both the girls were absolutely stunning as you can see from the few photos I was able to get hold of from the day. If you want to have a flick through some of their professional shootsI've added a link to their profiles: Ramona - Next Model Management, Ana - Premier Models

These snaps were taken on one of the employees iPhone's, apologies for the awful quality! Taken toward the end of the day the store manger gave me orders to mix it up a little, out went the lookbook and in came improvisation! As well as creating my own looks I had client requests to see the models in certain combo's with certain accessories.

Ana looking hot despite the fuzzy quality of this iPhone photo! I absolutely love this neon orange shade it really was mesmerising, the clients couldn't take their eyes off her! As for Ramonas' look above the purple snakeskin shoes were a real hit, the only problem was everyone wanted to buy them but nobody could as they were last seasons! I was happy I wasn't on the shop floor when the girls walked this look as I'm sure their were a fair few disgruntled clients...

A selection of the beautiful but painful shoes I had in my ambit of tools to make the girls look amazing, which really wasn't that hard I mean LOOK at them, they'd look hot in a bin bag!

Apart from the fact I was dwarfed by Ana and Ramona both towering over me before they even put heels on, all in all I had an absolutely fantastic day and I think it's safe to say I've got the styling bug! I'd love the opportunity to do more things like this and hopefully I'll get the chance.

Unfortunately due to other commitments I was forced to give up my job but I'm on the look out for a less demanding one now while I complete the final year of my Law degree.