Saturday, 2 November 2013

Halloween '13

So, I decided to go all out this Halloween for the first time since I was 12, when I went as a Mummy. It was epic. It being such a hard thing to top I wanted to pick something really extravagant that everyone would instantly recognise, so what better than the Black Swan!? Something the recent film and the beautiful Natalie Portman have made so iconic. Ever since watching the film I was in awe of the beautiful costumes and makeup in the movie and thought Halloween was a perfect excuse to try and transform myself into the spine-chillingly eerie yet elegant character. I shall let you decide whether I managed to do so successfully or not...

Firstly, the makeup. How did I achieve this look? Well, largely the question should be how did my sister do it! She is a makeup artist (find her contact details to the right) so I enlisted her to ensure my look had that professional touch. I didn't want it to look like a half botched attempt of a mum doing her 5 year olds makeup to go trick or treating! Which is of course exactly how it would have looked if I did it!

The Face:
Originally she intended to use white face paint, however she had to improvise when we realised that we really shouldn't have trusted £1 face paints from ASDA to be any good, they wouldn't even go onto my skin and were quite frankly a gloopy load of crap! So, the white sheen was created by...low and behold, GOOD OLD TALCUM POWDER! She used my normal foundation as a base (I'm practically white anyway) and accentuated my cheekbones with bronzer. All products of which I already owned and those I'm sure any girl would too, so the cost so far was a ZERO! (Don't bother with the face paint)

The Eyes:
This is the only part where you need some skill (of which I lack). My sister used a combination of black liquid liner and kohl pencil to do the black outline and inner design, she then used a gold/silver glitter liquid liner to add the shimmery detail, it only took about 15 minutes! Again, most girls will already have some sort of black eyeliner and if you don't have a gold or silver one you can use eyeshadow too.

The Lips:
First she applied Benetint Lip Stain by Benefit to my whole lip to give a solid base, she then used 'Lush Life' Mineralize Rich Lipstick by MAC over almost all of my lip, leaving the corners out. Next she used a black kohl liner to line my lip and fill in the corners, using a lip brush to blend the two colours.

(Unfortunately as I am as blind as a bat I couldn't wear the red contacts to complete the look, as I had to wear my own to see! So as I wanted to enter the Lookbook "spookbook" contest I wore the red contacts for the entry photo).

The Costume:
I was trawling through the internet trying to find a costume, they were all mediocre and not worth the price so I decided I would improvise... I re-used the skirt and gloves from my sisters Vampiress costume she bought a couple of years back and wore a boob tube that I got in Primark for around £3 last summer. The crown was my sisters from her Irish dancing days so the only thing I had to buy where the white stockings, I couldn't find tights so had to settle for these £1.99 stockings that I found in the marketplace in my local Mall (and no I'm not trying to sound American, it's actually called 'The Mall') And in case you were wondering, I just wore simple black pumps. Comfort was key as I'd planned on having a fun filled night at HEAVEN Nightclub in Charing Cross, London. And what fun I had...