Sunday, 22 December 2013

Cobalt Tartan

As promised, here is the follow up post to the 'Japan Matsuri' piece I posted a few days ago where I carefully selected photos in which my fabulous cobalt blue tartan, plaid, check, (whichever you please) trousers were purposefully hidden behind octoballs and the like! (check out my other post to understand that sentence in context, no really. I don't want you to leave that to your imagination...) But, now I unveil to you my cobalt beauties in all their A/W13 mega trend glory!

There always has to be at least one goofy pic, you know me! Keepin' it real!

I bought these trousers rather compulsively from...wait for it...H&M kids! I'm guessing with childhood obesity on the rise kids sizes are just following suit. I mean, how else would I be able to fit my mighty swimmers butt into aged 13-14 trousers!? I'd already seen a lot of traditional red tartan knocking about and well, I'm not one to conform too obviously and blindly to trends so this modern take on tartan encompassing a striking cobalt blue colour really caught my eye. When I realised I had nothing to wear (okay, that's a lie) for my boyfriends birthday dinner that evening I immediately turned to my most recent buy. But...I had yet to buy any accompanying pieces to wear with them! As I was in work that day and wouldn't make it back home before we had to be at the restaurant, I ran out to New Look on my lunchbreak to buy a simple black cami, a piece which has actually enjoyed a much overdue revival from the era where every popstar worth her salt was rocking one, the best era ever, the 90's! I finished off the look with a simple pair of Zara heels and a black leather jacket. Simple and understated but oh so on trend!

Jacket - New Look
Cami - New Look
Trousers - H&M kids
Shoes - Zara

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Japan Matsuri

Admittedly my boyfriend and I have been obsessed with everything Japan related ever since our trip to Tokyo this summer, so, naturally of course we thought Japan Matsuri held in Trafalgar Square was great! BUT HONESTLY, IT REALLY WAS! There was Japanese music, food and even cute (Kawaii) old Japanese ladies! And better yet, we came across it completely by chance, we had planned to go out to eat at a Japanese Restaurant called Bincho in London's Soho and thought we'd head to central a little early to pass some time and, low and behold...JAPAN MATSURI 2013 was under way!

 No idea what this guy was meant to be, but his 'hat' went on for at least another meter above what the camera managed to catch!

Takoyaki (たこ焼き)


This bunch of pensioners were dancing for hours, their attire was rather entraining too!

Yes, I know you're asking yourself whether that bag is real or not, I couldn't believe my eyes either. I need to find this bag, buy it and blow everyone's minds when I wear it! If anyone knows where I can get one of these please let me know.

(Trafalgar Square by night)
As the day drew to a close my boyfriend and I made our way to Bincho's to tuck into our Yakitori feast!


'Seven Samurai'

Overall we had an absolutely fabulous Japanese themed day, the nostalgia from our trip to Tokyo was all too overwhelming. In fact, we can not wait to return to Japan in the near future!

Check back soon for a closer look at my outfit for the evening; here's a hint; TARTAN is heavily involved! ;)

Ja mata.


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Birthday Prezzie! Call of Napoleon- Black Milk

Alas, my youth is well and truly over. On the 2nd of December I waved goodbye to the carefree, springtime of life. (Well, actually that ended about the time I started A-levels and definitely when I started my Law degree). I am now 21. Don't whip the Kleenex out to weep for me just yet though because my jubilance was well and truly restored when I opened my presents!

By far my favourite gift were these limited edition leggings from Black Milk Clothing that my boyfriend got me (along with some personalised Ray Ban Erikas- check out my instagram for a snap of them). They are called 'Call of Napoleon' despite this not being the name of the original painting that is depicted. It is a painting by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roucy-Triosson, blimey, that was a mouthful! And, it's true title is; 'Ossian Receiving the Ghosts of Fallen French Heroes'. Despite the fact you nor I know who this Anne dude was or, had any idea of this paintings existence, I'm sure you will agree it makes a smashing pair of leggings!

I took these photos almost instantaneously after ripping open all my gifts. I've been wanting a pair of Black Milk leggings for ages but have always been too indecisive to choose a pair as they're all so damn cool! So, I was overjoyed at the fact I was spared from having to endure the onerous decision making process and I'm pretty happy with the choice my boyfriend has made.

My cat didn't seem to give a rats ass that I was trying to shoot and I didn't realise he was lounging behind me for a good 5 shots or so! But, what the heck he's a welcome prop to the boring shoot location that is my garden.  As I was too impatient to wait to photograph my amazing leggings, the getup I put together is quite simple. I've since worn them twice more and styled them rather differently both times. Don't worry, I'm sure there will be many more posts/looks including these leggings. If I don't make a blog post I'll be sure to instagram the different ensembles I style around these beauties!

This top was recent-ish buy from good ol' Primark, at £6 I couldn't NOT slip it in the basket! With the current velvet revival in the world of fashion and the ability to make any outfit 'on trend' through pairing it with this little gem, it was a no brianer! (although most of my purchases generally are...)

Now, these boots are possibly the nicest ones I've ever owned. They are the 'New Jules Heel Boot' from Allsaints' current collection. They are a bit pricey at £225 but this price is justified not just based on the aesthetics, with  on trend buckles and a chukny block heel but, the fact they're real leather, and the roomy rounded toe means they're a hit on the comfort-o-meter too!

My mum picked this carrot cake up from the local Sainbury's on her way home from work as she realsied she hadn't got me one as my main cake had been ordered for mine and my twins big part-aaay the following weekend; this also explains the makeshift candle, haha! Check back soon for pictures of the fun filled night!

Velvet crop top- Primark
Leggings - Black Milk Clothing
Boots - Allsaints

Sunday, 15 December 2013

NFL Event - Regent Street

It was by chance that I found out this NFL event was happening on the morning of it, I had nothing better to do that day so though it was worth a look. I was shocked to find just how much was going on. All of Regent Street was closed off and every inch of it was packed with American food stalls selling everything from Hotdogs to Mac 'n' Cheese! Huge inflatable football players marked each teams section, the most impressive was the 'Vikings' stretch of the street, some of the supporters costumes were HILARIOUS! Here are a few snaps of the day...

 This baby was SO cute, if I wasn't so full from my humongous hotdog I'd have eaten him!

Cheese anyone?

An epic photo, even if I do say so myself!

For a closer look at my outfit check out my other post 'Eagle'


I absolutely love this vest from Allsaints, it's last seasons so it may be hard to get your hands on one but I've seen a few going on ebay, it also comes in black too. I have a vast collection of Allsaints vests as those of you who have read my previous blogpost 'Pelle Italiana' will know, however this is by far one of my favourites! The positioning of the Eagle is so clever, don't cha think?

I paired the vest with my thoroughly over worn leather trousers from Topshop, they were a steal reduced from £48 to £24 all because the button had fallen off! Nothing my mums sewing skills and her frankly ridiculous stash of spare buttons can't fix.

Oversized coats are a 'thing' this winter and again, as usual, mine was an absolute bargain at £25! From nowhere other than the fabulous Primark, the prices this place sells things for is NUTS! It's a great place to buy a few bits that will only be on trend briefly as it saves you wasting bucket loads of cash on something you won't wear in a month or so. As for quality, their stuff isn't remarkable but again if you're only wearing the piece a couple of times it doesn't need to be. I turn to Topshop usually for wardrobe essentials that I need to last me an entire season. (I've had my leather trousers since last winter!) Another item I've had for over a year now are these shoes, they are THE most comfortable shoes I have ever owned! And, believe it or not they were a mere £29.99 from New Look! Naturally the bag of choice to complete this look was my beloved Cambridge Satchel.

Scary stare for the sake of it!

Hype  'Eagle' on Lookbook now!

'Swoop Edge' Vest: Allsaints
Coat: Primark
Leather Trousers: Topshop
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company