Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Birthday Prezzie! Call of Napoleon- Black Milk

Alas, my youth is well and truly over. On the 2nd of December I waved goodbye to the carefree, springtime of life. (Well, actually that ended about the time I started A-levels and definitely when I started my Law degree). I am now 21. Don't whip the Kleenex out to weep for me just yet though because my jubilance was well and truly restored when I opened my presents!

By far my favourite gift were these limited edition leggings from Black Milk Clothing that my boyfriend got me (along with some personalised Ray Ban Erikas- check out my instagram for a snap of them). They are called 'Call of Napoleon' despite this not being the name of the original painting that is depicted. It is a painting by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roucy-Triosson, blimey, that was a mouthful! And, it's true title is; 'Ossian Receiving the Ghosts of Fallen French Heroes'. Despite the fact you nor I know who this Anne dude was or, had any idea of this paintings existence, I'm sure you will agree it makes a smashing pair of leggings!

I took these photos almost instantaneously after ripping open all my gifts. I've been wanting a pair of Black Milk leggings for ages but have always been too indecisive to choose a pair as they're all so damn cool! So, I was overjoyed at the fact I was spared from having to endure the onerous decision making process and I'm pretty happy with the choice my boyfriend has made.

My cat didn't seem to give a rats ass that I was trying to shoot and I didn't realise he was lounging behind me for a good 5 shots or so! But, what the heck he's a welcome prop to the boring shoot location that is my garden.  As I was too impatient to wait to photograph my amazing leggings, the getup I put together is quite simple. I've since worn them twice more and styled them rather differently both times. Don't worry, I'm sure there will be many more posts/looks including these leggings. If I don't make a blog post I'll be sure to instagram the different ensembles I style around these beauties!

This top was recent-ish buy from good ol' Primark, at £6 I couldn't NOT slip it in the basket! With the current velvet revival in the world of fashion and the ability to make any outfit 'on trend' through pairing it with this little gem, it was a no brianer! (although most of my purchases generally are...)

Now, these boots are possibly the nicest ones I've ever owned. They are the 'New Jules Heel Boot' from Allsaints' current collection. They are a bit pricey at £225 but this price is justified not just based on the aesthetics, with  on trend buckles and a chukny block heel but, the fact they're real leather, and the roomy rounded toe means they're a hit on the comfort-o-meter too!

My mum picked this carrot cake up from the local Sainbury's on her way home from work as she realsied she hadn't got me one as my main cake had been ordered for mine and my twins big part-aaay the following weekend; this also explains the makeshift candle, haha! Check back soon for pictures of the fun filled night!

Velvet crop top- Primark
Leggings - Black Milk Clothing
Boots - Allsaints

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