Thursday, 19 December 2013

Japan Matsuri

Admittedly my boyfriend and I have been obsessed with everything Japan related ever since our trip to Tokyo this summer, so, naturally of course we thought Japan Matsuri held in Trafalgar Square was great! BUT HONESTLY, IT REALLY WAS! There was Japanese music, food and even cute (Kawaii) old Japanese ladies! And better yet, we came across it completely by chance, we had planned to go out to eat at a Japanese Restaurant called Bincho in London's Soho and thought we'd head to central a little early to pass some time and, low and behold...JAPAN MATSURI 2013 was under way!

 No idea what this guy was meant to be, but his 'hat' went on for at least another meter above what the camera managed to catch!

Takoyaki (たこ焼き)


This bunch of pensioners were dancing for hours, their attire was rather entraining too!

Yes, I know you're asking yourself whether that bag is real or not, I couldn't believe my eyes either. I need to find this bag, buy it and blow everyone's minds when I wear it! If anyone knows where I can get one of these please let me know.

(Trafalgar Square by night)
As the day drew to a close my boyfriend and I made our way to Bincho's to tuck into our Yakitori feast!


'Seven Samurai'

Overall we had an absolutely fabulous Japanese themed day, the nostalgia from our trip to Tokyo was all too overwhelming. In fact, we can not wait to return to Japan in the near future!

Check back soon for a closer look at my outfit for the evening; here's a hint; TARTAN is heavily involved! ;)

Ja mata.


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