Thursday, 20 March 2014

Neon Hues

So, for once we had a mid-March sun filled weekend in London (last year we were still sporting hats and scarves at this time of year). Perfect for a Big Fat Greek Christening! In case you were unaware, which I'm sure many of you were, given my pale freckled skin and blue eyes, I'm half Greek Cypriot (granted, my surname may have given me away). And oh boy do Greeks know how to celebrate...and eat, usually the two go hand in hand. My baby cousins christening was no exception to this and my family and I enjoyed basking in the sun and feasting on meat last Sunday. After that is, my poor little cousin endured an hour of being dunked into a huge basin of olive oil by a scary old man with a sizeable beard. For those of you unaware of greek culture and the like, go watch 'my Big Fat greek Wedding' it will explain everything. Anyway, on to the clothes...

I left my outfit until the last minute and not wanting to sport a dress JUST yet, I opted for two of my relatively new pieces, my silk top and hareem style trousers from Allsaints. These two pieces are SO versatile. Not to mention they are both made of the most luxurious materials and feel great on the skin (The top being 100% silk and the bottoms a silk mix).  Although on the pricey side, this is warranted by the great quality of Allsaints merchandise. For those of you willing to splurge, the top is called 'Lucie Silk' and the trousers are called 'Cedie Plea'.

I felt that this look was a little too bland and officey for a family celebration and so decided I needed some last minute accessories to make the getup POP! Off to New Look I went! I'd had my eye on this style of shoe for a while, namely Allsaints' 'Kiro Snake Heel' but I couldn't bring myself to pay £245! SO, when I saw these double buckle, T-bar beauties for a mere £19.99 I HAD to nab 'em! I also picked up this matching clutch and chunky gold chain necklace for a cool £14.99 and an even cooler £2.99!

The return of the sun also meant I could finally showcase my new sunnies! My personalised Ray-Ban Erika's that my boyfriend bought me for my 21st Birthday in December. Aren't they just beautiful? And the fact the case matched my shoes and bag was a complete fluke I promise!

This is my sister Anita, as some of you may know if you've read any of my 'Anita and Me' makeup posts. She went for an ├╝ber summery look as you can see. She's a massive girly girl, as is quite obvious... haha!

Her look is a mash-up of high street favourites such as Primark and New Look, and the similar shoes was again, a massive coincidence! Mine are better though, all agreed? ;)

I initially took a few shots in my garden before heading out but, when I saw this FAB garage door nearby the Greek church I just couldn't resist a few snaps! The colour scheme went really well with my look too, Godsend!

Sunglasses - Ray-Ban Erika's
Necklace - New Look
Top - All Saints
Trousers - All Saints
Heels - New Look
Bag- New Look