Friday, 11 July 2014

Be a Little More Rebellious

Blending music and fashion into a potent formula of clothing that allows one to express their individuality is Allsaints mission statement and that is something which certainly permeates through their design decisions, the decision behind this 'Storm' vest was an especially great one...I mean, have you ever seen a more tremendous piece of clothing!?

Okay, so I know I've probably said that countless times in previous blog posts but if I ever say it again, I'M LYING, my future self IS LYING. Despite it weighing more than the contents of my daily handbag, (which is feat in itself, believe me) I felt like a rebellious rock princess while wearing it. Many of you may be thinking 'princess' and 'rock' are an impossible combination and that I should have used the cliche 'chic' to describe the aura this top creates, BUT HONESTLY the juxtaposition of these two unlikely things describe perfectly just how this top made me feel. Distressed glamour at it's finest. I could come up with these all day, but I won't cause I have a blog post to write, obvs!

Oh and the shoes, THE shoes. Where do I start!? They are obviously the most fabulous shoes to have ever graced my feet. And yes, I can say that without being a hypocrite because I said the top was the most tremendous 'piece of clothing', in the singular form and shoes come in pairs, so, yeah. LEAVE ME ALONE. I know I'm going a bit overboard with this post but these items just make me so happy, they are just SO ME.

My dearest friend Craig bought me these shoes for my birthday waaaay back in December but I didn't get around to wearing them for absolutely ages! I ended up donning them to another friends 21st birthday party mid way through my final year law exams this May,when I should have been revising... hence the title of this post! (It also explains why this blog post is SOOO late! But I clearly wasn't THAT rebellious as GUESS WHAT!? I passed all my exams and will be graduating from Law School next week!)

Top - 'Storm' Chain/Embellished/Sequin Vest from Allsaints
Trousers - 'Petrel Brodie' Allsaints
Shoes - 'Eiffel' by Hades Footwear


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