Tuesday, 26 August 2014

ALS Ice bucket challenge

So, unless you've been abducted by aliens this past week I'm sure you are all aware of the ALS/MND Ice Bucket Challenge that has gripped the online population of the world! For those of you not familiar with the craze, it involves (shock horror) a bucket, water and lots of ice...well in theory it should anyway! And... I couldn't resist the peer pressure to partake. I thought I'd get out of it but then TWO people nominated me on Monday evening. I planned to do it the next morning before work to keep within the 24hr time frame allotted BUT unfortunately, I got a migraine and didn't even make it to work let alone get a chance to do the ice bucket challenge. I think it was worth the wait though...

Initially I was in two minds about doing it because of all the negative press but when I really thought about it and the great cause behind it I saw no reason why I shouldn't also help both raise awareness and money for ALS or better known in the UK as Motor Neurone Disease.

Granted there are so many people who are taking part in the challenge without having a clue what it's all about and not even bothering to mention the charity or donating...however, as long as someone is doing both these things I see no reason why anyone should be calling people silly for doing it! Anything that raises money for charity is good if you ask me!

The easiest way to donate to MNDA for those of you in the UK is by:

  • texting ICED55 £5 (or other amount) to 70070 (only available in the UK);
  • call 01604 611860 referencing the 'Ice Bucket Challenge'.

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