Saturday, 6 September 2014

Guess Who Graduated?

So, I kind of forgot to tell you something rather big, I graduated in July. You see, I was so relieved that the horrors of Law School were behind me that I have spent the last month and a half trying to erase the three terrible years from my memory for good. (Except, I may conveniently remember defamation law next time someone slags me off on Twitter or something, or bits of intellectual property law the next time I catch someone using my photos without BEWARE, 'lawyer when she wants to be' on the loose!)

Here's me in all my Gryffindor glory (I got Harry Potter related comments for weeks on end about my gown colours and it's likeness to Gryffindor's so I said it before you got the chance. HA.

And here's Mumma NewestNickers on hand with a huge smacker!

Mama and Papa

Please accept my sincerest apologies for my dads 70s/80s tie (I'm not even sure WHAT that thing is) It's his all-purpose 'smart tie', it's completely and utterly occasion indiscriminate...heck, I think he's even worn it to every funeral he's attended in the last 30 years!

I present to you my bunch of loonies, also often referred to as my family...minus the nuttiest one of all my big sis, Anita.

'The Camera Man' aka my boyfriend Christian

Hold your breath...prepare to be wowed...because ladies and gents that ridiculously tanned person standing next to me whom looks completely unrelated to me isn't JUST my sister, shes my TWIN sister. *SHOCK* *GASP* *FAINT* (see, I done that bit for you too) I reckon the genes just did a 50/50 Greek Cypriot/Irish split.

Obligatory hats up in the air graduation pic because, how could we not!?

Please don't ask me what my plans are now I've graduated because I WILL proceed to slap you, Thank you and goodbye.


My Dress- ASOS

My Shoes - New Look

My Watch - Larsson and Jennings

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