Sunday, 16 November 2014

Dear Santa...

Winter 2014 Wishlist

So, that time of year has come again where I compile my wishlist, aka my ever so subtle hint to all those who know me as to what I would really, really like Santa to bring me this year *wink* *wink* *wink* (BUY ME THEM NOW!) :)

I'm in need of a new pair of winter boots, my Harry Hall riding boots from last year have served me well but their time is well and truly up. I mean, what good are winter boots that let in the rain!? I think I want something a bit chunkier this season, I'm really feeling the whole androgynous thing right now. Okay, I almost always am...but who can say no to another pair of DM's!?

Despite having more coats than one person could ever possibly need (I also bought TWO just last week) I feel an uncontrollable urge to purchase this fabulously long, dark gothic number immediately! I tried it on in the Allsaints Regent Street store the other day and have been thinking about it ever since! The really sad thing is, I'm not even joking.Oh Eryn, I need you in my life. :,(

Now, if you don't know what this backpack is, I don't think I want to know you. Who doesn't want a Kanken! I want the classic one in black so I can wear it every second of everyday with everything.

I have also recently become enamored with Vivienne Westwood Accessories, especially this uber cool copper diamante armour ring. However, at £280 I'm not holding my breath for this one, I'm guessing it's probably above and beyond Santa's limit. As is this equally awesome orb watch...sadly.

I've been a good girl this year Santa, I promise.

(I've also included handy links so the elves can order it all just in time for you to deliver it for Christmas)

Best wishes, 
Nicola (aged 21 and 11 months)

Doc Marten Chelsea Boots - Tower Boot £99
Eryn Coat - Allsaints £398
Classic Black Kanken - Fjallraven £65
Diamante Copper Armour Ring - Vivienne Westwood £280
Vivienne Westwood Watch - Selfridges £210


  1. Hi , There are so many colours to choose from sometimes too many, but they are all excellent, of course we would say that as we are the Official Stockist of Fjallraven Kanken Bags and accessories :) and have moved from to Black is a great choice we agree, but have you seen Ochre which is currently our best selling colour :)