Monday, 1 December 2014

A Misty Mid-afternoon

Do turtles like the cold? I'm not entirely sure but what I do know is that turtle necks were made for the cold. Which is probably why I haven't stopped wearing them for almost a month now! Others call them roll necks, polo necks and even skivvys!? But the latter is just a bit odd and frankly I'd never even heard of it until I googled it... 'Polo neck' just gets confusing, do they mean a polo shirt or!? I've actually had someone ask me for a polo neck at work and they were utterly bemused when I showed them one of the high collared variation...a polo neck by my definition... not by his evidently as he exclaimed "No, no the one with the buttons!'. THAT my friend is a polo SHIRT. Jeeeez. Lastly, roll neck just makes me think of double chins quite simply. There we have it, the multiple reasons as to why I personally prefer to call them TURTLE NECKS. Because, lets face it, we all like turtles. (Well. that zombie kid likes them a little too much, I'm not that obsessed.)

I teamed my dark grey turtle neck with a few more shades of Grey (ha, see what I did there?) to channel the positively awful weather. Pieces of choice included my ombre effect jeans from Allsaints and my heeled chelsea boots also from Allsaints. The bag is past season H&M but I totally forgot I even owned it. I shielded myself from the relentless cold in my brand new faux shearling coat from Mango. It's my favourite buy of the season without a doubt! Shearling really seems to be taking off at the moment too, finally a practical trend!

I hope my rather dull post has been somewhat enjoyable, excuse me while I hibernate until next June...


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