Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Graduation Déjà vu

Thought I'd go a bit retro with this post seeing as I've waited so long to post pretty much is retro! As you may know I graduated in July of this year, but just two days later I was back at the same place *cue déjà vu* surrounded by yet more students in their mortarboards and gowns as I attended my boyfriends graduation.

I kept my look low key but smart, I really couldn't be bothered to go all out and wear a dress as I had done what felt like just hours before! I also couldn't be bothered to rack my mind and my bursting wardrobe for something to wear so bought my whole outfit the day before while getting in my weekly dose of retail therapy! Green is my favourite colour, hence why my mum bought me this beautiful emerald jewellery set as a graduation present. I styled my look around it and went for this apple green hue to compliment the beautiful emerald stones. I really loved not just the colour of this top but was also drawn to the interesting mix of fabrics (faux leather back and a lace type front) and the slit at the back.

I wanted to be cool and comfy as I almost roasted to death in my black dress and gown at my own graduation so opted for these light and airy cream floaty trousers, they were so comfy I felt like I wasn't even wearing anything! Again, after learning from my own mistakes, (wearing strappy high heels to my own graduation was a really bad idea...) I went for a closed toe block heel as I knew I'd be in them for hours. These Primark shoes were honestly the most comfortable shoes I've worn, after a full day in them my feet were right as rain! A bargain at just £14 too!

The white clutch was the only thing that wasn't new and is just a wardrobe staple really!

Hope you enjoyed the little insight into my world! And you've finally been able to put a face to the man behind all the amazing pictures on my blog! My boyfriend Christian takes most of my outfit photos for me and this blog (or me for that matter) wouldn't be able to function without him. So thank you and well done on graduating!

Top - Zara
Trousers - Zara
Shoes - Primark
Clutch -Primark
Jewellery - Graduation gift from my mum



  1. These photos are great, I can feel the atmosphere!
    And congratulations to graduation! I will graduate from law school next year :)

    1. Thank you Nicole! Good luck with the rest of law school! :) x