Monday, 8 December 2014

NEW IN: WINTER ESSENTIALS | Turtles, Snow Foxes and Pythons

Call me Dr Dolittle should you please because I have gone animal crazy this winter! My closet now features a wide array of animal themed pieces. Meet my two newest turtles, one grey one black, both from the not so far away land of Primark. (To see me strutting my stuff in another one from my turtle neck collection see my post 'A Misty Mid-afternoon'). The black one is the same as the grey one featured in the post and is tight fitting and made from thin cotton whereas the grey one pictured here is a lot thicker and much more appropriate for those cold winter days! Both were ridiculously priced at £5 each!

These trousers are also from Primark for £14, I'm really into grey this season so couldn't help myself when I saw these! 

I absolutely adore my python skin slip-ons from River Island, I HAD to buy these, and not through a senseless shopaholic standpoint...I actually did. After standing for 9 hours for the fourth consecutive day I couldn't wait to chuck my not so trusty old leather boots on...and...the zip decided to break. Off I went, wincing in pain, traipsing around Oxford street looking for a damn shop that had any form of flat shoe in a size 5! Then, these RI slip-ons came to my rescue in all their python print glory! My life saved. All for just £22, not to mention the fashion brownie points gained! RESULT!

And then, well then allow me to introduce my new pet snow fox, aka my KANKEN! After months of pining over it and wishing the classic in black would be restocked somewhere! I was pleasantly surprised when my boyfriend surprised me with this seemingly endangered and rare CLASSIC BLACK KANKEN for my birthday this month! (Serious boyfriend brownie points here, well done!)

If you were wondering what the other two furry things were, the first is my devilishly naughty 6month old kitten Xeno (formally Xena before we realised it had you know...balls. WOOPS!) He's the reason I'm currently sitting here with my feet up feeling sorry for myself and my broken toe. Kittens and Christmas trees are a match made in hell, let's just leave it there.

The other furball is my Pomeranian Honey, more commonly known as my best friend in the world. For endless pictures of her, check out my personal instagram @nichm (Yes, I am one of 'those' people).

I hope you like my first NEW-IN post, there will be plenty more where this came from knowing me and my endless spending!

Fjallraven Kanken Classic Black Backpack - ASOS
Turtle Necks - Primark
Trousers - Primark
Slip ons - River Island

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