Tuesday, 6 January 2015

NEW IN: SPORTSWEAR | Rainbow Running

January. New year, new me. The year begins full of promise and self determination, this year will be the year I stick to it you think to yourself. Fast forward thirty days and as January fades away so do all our fitness goals, that Christmas pudding top is here to stay. (It's going to be cold for at least another three months, this is England after all! You'll probably need the extra layer of fat for insulation anyway, don't worry).

Pretty much how everybody's new year goes every year, right!? - Me too.

BUT let's be positive, this will be the year we stick it out! I have motivation this year round anyway, with uni over and my internship ending in the summer,(deets on that soon, kept it quiet didn't I!?) I have plans to go on a wild and wonderful Asian adventure! Having not really planned it properly as of yet, I suspect that I'll be spending most of my time lounging on a beach somewhere off the Gulf of Thailand. So, a hot bod is rather essential really!

There's just one small problem right now...well, in fact it's probably a little larger than small... I HAVE A BROKEN TOE! (Kitten + Christmas Tree = DISASTER ...don't ask!) Okay, so I broke it about three weeks ago now but it still hurts like hell! I can just about walk let alone run! There's one plus though, I get to preserve my rather amazing new Asics just that little while longer! I know you want them too, how could you not!? They are pretty much the coolest running shoes I have ever laid eyes on, they are ASICS Gel Noosa Tri 8's. There's a newer model but I prefer the look of these ones, they're super comfy too and great for the gym or road running...and triathlons according to the name, but don't hold me to that one, I've yet to ever complete or even attempt one!

Naturally, I had to buy some equally as colourful gym gear to go with my new trainers, I went for the patterned neon vibe in case you couldn't tell. Nike PRO shorts are my absolute fav, I have so many pairs but these marble effect ones have definitely taken pride of place!

The rest of the gear is cheap and cheerful from Primark's gym range. While I'm not a fan of their running tights/shorts as I find the elastic is weak and they don't last very long,  for other things such as tops and sports bras I find Primark great as I can buy things in every colour under the rainbow and it ends up costing the same as one Nike one would. My gym wardrobe will soon be more extensive than my actual wardrobe if I'm not careful! (And trust me that would be a mean feat!)

Anyway, I'm going to go and put my feet up and hold out until this toe decides to get better. Jog and extra a little extra for me tomorrow won't you please...

Trainers - ASICS Gel Noose Tri 8
Tops - All Primark
Shorts - Nike PRO