Monday, 19 October 2015

New In: Adidas Stan Smith Originals

Nomcore, nomcore, nomcore for days when you just cannot be bothered. If they're good enough for the crème de la crème of the fashion world to strut around fashion week in, they're good enough for me.

I tried for so long to resist the stan smith pandemic but alas, I gave in! However, they are SO uncomfortable!! After 10min of wear they ripped my feet to pieces! I'm going to soldier on through the pain though, I think...

Sunday, 11 October 2015

My Pomeranian Honey is FAMOUS!

SURPRISE! My dog Honey is famous!

Today marks the day a week ago that she graced the pages of the Observer Magazine bringing joy to the nation with her ginger locks and chocolate button eyes! *cue uncontrollable cooing*

So, how on earth did I manage to get my mug and Honey's in the national press you may ask? Well, it was all rather random if I'm honest. I tweeted a picture of Honey and I (I post an unhealthy amount of pictures of her on the internet, especially on my personal instagram @nichm) and was contacted by a journalist from the Observer asking me if I would like to be involved with a weekly feature entitled 'What does this say about me?'- I thought well, I have nothing to lose it's just a bit of light hearted fun! I was interviewed over the phone and then a couple of days later they sent the very talented Richard Saker to my home to take photos of Honey and I. As you can see she was a little bewildered by the whole experience...

I had no idea what the finished piece would look like, another journalist wrote all that she could deduce about me just from looking at the photo. Given the inclusion of my sisters crazy Pomeranian themed cushion I was in fact a little surprised she was so nice about me and didn't think I was a bit of a nutter...

The photographer was kind enough to send me over a few snaps from the shoot too...

I really, REALLY have no clue what I was doing with my hand here and lucky me this was the shot they used in the magazine! -__-

Lo and behold my little star with her first mag feature!

If you would like to have a read of the article it was also posted online so feel free to check it out HERE!

Sunday, 4 October 2015


Sometimes life just calls for a bit of simplicity. Good food, good company and a bit of sun... simple, but everything I could ask for. It's days like this that I cherish...

My boyfriend and I enjoyed dinner at our favourite Argentinian restaurant in Islington, Comedor. It's unremarkable in its decor but my oh my does the food more than make up for it. Never before have I been served a better presented dish than at this cosy little high street joint. Once your food arrives you'd be forgiven for thinking you were in a Michelin star restaurant. The pork belly starter is to die for BTW.

I hadn't a clue what to wear for our dinner and was faced with the ever occurring conundrum of having a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear. Most would generally go for the now ubiquitous LBD (Little Black Dress) so ubiquitous in fact I don't think I needed those brackets! However, it takes a lot to get me in to a dress, pretty much occasions only for this life long tom boy! And so, for me, a little black jumpsuit is much more up my street and that's what I went for. Even more versatile than a LBD dare I say...more weather proof anyway (and doesn't require leg waxing before wear, haha).

I added a pop of colour with my T-bar pointy red and black heels, scraped my hair back in to a pony and voila!

Keep it simple, keep happy, keep being you.

Jumpsuit aka LBJ - George
Watch - Daniel Wellington
Shoes - New Look