Sunday, 10 January 2016


I have been meaning to showcase these pretty epic (even if I do say so myself) boots for a while now! I picked them up whilst in Dublin a few months ago. They're from designer Carolyn Donnelly's range 'The Edit' stocked in one of Ireland's most popular department stores called Dunnes Stores. I had no intention of buying anything while in Ireland especially not these ultra bulky boots as I was 'meant' to be travelling light and didn't take any luggage with me...but that all went of of the window when I saw these lonesome beauties on the shelf in the sale and in my size! I couldn't resist and ended up having to wear them to the airport with my trainers just about stuffed into my backpack! #Dedication.

They're real leather and SUPER comfy! I love that nobody else in the UK has these boots, people are always eyeing them up. Emerald Isle exclusives ;)

This was what I wore on New Year's day, which consisted of waking up at 11am, queuing for almost 45min at The Breakfast Club in Hoxton for brunch followed by a home cooked roast and as you can see lot's and lot's of black. (aka I was too tired to put any thought whatsoever in to my outfit or to even do my eyebrows *shock horror*).

Coat - Zara
Jewelled Collar Shirt - Topshop
Bag - Topshop
Boots - Carolyn Donnelly, 'The Edit 'at Dunnes Stores (Ireland)